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Remodeling your home? Add home automation to control your entire home from one room.

Home Automation is a wireless communications language that allows compatible products to talk to each other using the existing electrical wiring in your home to turn on/off lights, security etc. Most Home Automation-compatible products are very affordable and the fact that they talk over existing wires in your home means that no costly rewiring is necessary. a transmitter plugs (or wires) in at one location in the home and sends its control signal (on, off, dim, bright, etc.) to a receiver which plugs (or wires) into another location in the home.

The perfect gift for any new home. .


Using simple dials or buttons you assign each product with one of up to 256 addresses. If you wish two products to go on and off together you can set them to the same address or use scene addresses on many advanced products.


Control everything in your home from 1 room

Control wireless from phone or remote